2018 halloween children costumes

2018 halloween children costumes

Halloween is approaching, and you absolutely don’t have any idea what kind of costume you should dress up your child? I can help you. Here are the most popular halloween children costumes in 2018 on Amazon.

Sleeping all night with a huge coffein

Harvard has started a sleeping course

From now on every student has to absolve a sleeping course, who gained admission to Harvard University. This way the university wants to prevent students from drinking huge amounts of coffee during the night.

Facebook Dating

What is Facebook Dating?

Most of the people have already heard about tinder, the ones who tried it know how successful it is. So it isn’t a surprise that Facebook wants a piece of this success.

AmazonBasics microwave is controlled using voice

New Amazon Alexa-powered microwave!

In this article I will present you a new smart gadget, that is the Amazon Alexa-powered microwave.

deodorant spray

Why is the deodorant spray cold?

In this article I will answer the question why is the deodorant spray cold?  The answer is easier than you think!

math cause physical pain

Can math cause physical pain?

In this article we will  look for an answer to the question can math cause physical pain?  We will present a short answer to the question and a longer, scientific one. The short answer is for “can math cause physical pain?”: Yes but, only in extreme cases. Now let’s look at the longer scientific answer: …

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Bean bags for adults

In this article, I will show the most popular Bean Bags for adults. This list will contain a family bean bag, a bean bag chair, a bean bag sofa, and some other bean bags stuff.

Most popular Bean Bags of 2018

Do you want to buy bean bags? Do you  know which is worth it? I can help you. Today I will show you the most popular bean bags, and after that we will discuss why these are worth it.

5 reasons for having a bean bag

Today in this post I will show you a few reasons why you should have a bean bag. I have already written a post about different kinds of bean bags, you can read it by clicking on this link.

Where tdoes he YKK zipper come from ?

History of the Zipper Everyone have been using zippers from our childhood, but do you know where does it come from? This article is going to answer questions about the origin of the zipper. Secondly we will see what YKK zipper means. The first device that is similar to todays zipper assembly is associated with …

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