2018 halloween children costumes

2018 halloween children costumes

Halloween is approaching, and you absolutely don’t have any idea what kind of costume you should dress up your child? I can help you. Here are the most popular halloween children costumes in 2018 on Amazon.

IRL adblocker glass

IRL adblocker glass is available

Most people work in front of a monitor. Day after day a lot of advertisements come to our face if needed or not. What’s happening if we have a choice what advertisement is important for us and what is not? That’s what the IRL adblocker glass is for.

Halloween 2018

Halloween movie 2018 – scariest movie ever!

The Halloween movie is one of the scariest films ever made. If you want to scare your friend or just love horror movies then this film will be perfect for you!


Aquaman is coming in 2018

In December, the new DC movie is arriving. The main character is Aquaman who is of two different worlds : His father was a lighthouse keeper and his mother was a queen.

Sleeping all night with a huge coffein

Harvard has started a sleeping course

From now on every student has to absolve a sleeping course, who gained admission to Harvard University. This way the university wants to prevent students from drinking huge amounts of coffee during the night.


Venom, the new Marvel movie

Venom is  one of the most exciting character of the Marvel universe, and finally it gets it’s own movie, with Tom Hardy as the main character. The movie director is Ruben Fleischer the director of Zombiland.

Introducing Captain Marvel!

Introducing Captain Marvel!

Finally, the Captain Marvel trailer has arrived. This movie will be the first Marvel female superhero film. Attention! Spoiler danger for the Avengers Infinity War!

Ig Nobel Prize winners in 2018

Ig Nobel Prize winners in 2018

In this article I will explain to you what the Ig Nobel Prize is. I will list all “Anti Nobel Prize” winners in 2018 and see what their research was about and what results they got.

October 2018 Movie List -

October 2018 Movie List

Do you have any idea what you would like to watch in October, 2018? Here is a list of movies that will be released in October 2018. What do you think which will be the best October 2018 Movie?

Why do leaves become yellow in autumn?

Why do leaves become yellow in autumn?

In this article, I will answer the question: Why do leaves become yellow in autumn? I will give you a short answer and a longer one. Everybody knows when autumn arrives because the leaves become yellow. After a while, they fall down and become completely dry. What can cause this? Why is it happening?