Where is the archor point ?

Can’t see the anchor point?

Are you a beginner in the Adobe After Effects world? Do you have a specific problem, for example, can’t you see the anchor point in the middle of the area? In this article, I will help you to clear that up!

Facebook Dating

What is Facebook Dating?

Most of the people have already heard about tinder, the ones who tried it know how successful it is. So it isn’t a surprise that Facebook wants a piece of this success.

AmazonBasics microwave is controlled using voice

New Amazon Alexa-powered microwave!

In this article I will present you a new smart gadget, that is the Amazon Alexa-powered microwave.

What is the snap smart cam?

Do you need a security camera? If you say yes then you have to read this!  In this post I will show you what the snap smart cam is. We will look at what ways we can use it.

Why do we have often problems with Earphone Cables?

Today almost everybody uses an earphone, kids, adults and  elders, also. If you have ever used them, you probably met the biggest problem of earphone cables, this problem is when this cable brakes. It leads then to a contact failure and you can use it only in one position.  Is it familiar?  I think it …

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What is an Ultrawide Monitor?

The ultrawide monitor is a monitor what is wider than regular monitors. The most popular monitors have 1080 pixels by 16:9 resolution. The ultrawides have 21:9 or greater resolution, it depends on the specific monitor type. Now you know what the ultrawide monitor is. So, let’s start to see some examples for it!