Month: August 2018

Where tdoes he YKK zipper come from ?

History of the Zipper Everyone have been using zippers from our childhood, but do you know where does it come from? This article is going to answer questions about the origin of the zipper. Secondly we will see what YKK zipper means. The first device that is similar to todays zipper assembly is associated with …

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What is an Ultrawide Monitor?

The ultrawide monitor is a monitor what is wider than regular monitors. The most popular monitors have 1080 pixels by 16:9 resolution. The ultrawides have 21:9 or greater resolution, it depends on the specific monitor type. Now you know what the ultrawide monitor is. So, let’s start to see some examples for it!

Why is the Bean Bag so popular? What is it?

What is a bean bag? It is a bag with dried beans.  What kind of dried beans are used depends on  the manufacturer, because everyone uses a  different material. The bean bag is available in several sizes and shapes to provide maximum comfort. They are usually cheaper than traditional armchairs.

September 2018 Movie List

Do you already know which movie you would like to watch? Or you have not thought about it yet? Here is a list of movies that will be released in September  2018. I hope you will find something you would like to watch.

longest train trip

Do you know what are the longest train trips on Earth?

Longest train journey without changing trains: The longest train trip on Earth is the Trans Siberian Express. The route starts in Moscow and ends in Vladivostok. To get to Vladivostok from Moscow takes 6 days, 5 hours and  19 minutes. It stops on 120 stations  and  crosses the distance of 9300 km.